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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 21, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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we had a great time on "the five." >> bob: tattoo obama on your forehead. ♪ captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> chris: president obama says american troops in iraq will be home for the holiday. what we do not know about the death of former libyan leader muammar gaddafi. and presidential candidate herman cain's abortion problem. and his changing tax plan. live from the studio in washington. this is "special report." good evening. i'm chris wallace. in for bret baier. it has been 8-1/2 years since the start of the war in iraq. with almost 4,500 american lives lost. but now the end is little more than two months away. that was the message from president obama today. he says he will not keep any american troops in iraq after the end of the year. conventional wisdom had been a few thousand would remain.
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the chief white house correspondent ed henry tells us that is no longer the plan. >> after nearly nine years, america's war in iraq will be over. >> reporter: president obama never said, "victory." the word is too politically charged after all the sacrifice. and all of controversy over whether mission accomplished was declared too early. mr. obama did call it a success. >> the last american soldier will cross the border out of iraq. with their heads held high and proud of their success. knowing that the american people stand united in our support for our troops. >> reporter: given recent violence in iraq, top republicans warn the real victory could go to iran, taking advantage of a vacuum. senator lindsey graham today warning failing to leave at least a small force will, "come back to haunt our country." in anticipation of the announcement, senator john
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mccain suggested this is a diplomatic failure, because the president would have kept some troops behind butlated too long to keep deal for amunety for -- immunity for u.s. troops. >> we didn't have priority to the issue and it took them until a month or so ago to decide how many troops they wanted. >> reporter: in some ways it was anticlimactic. the rise was fueled by opposition to the war in 2008. he vowed to end it in his first term. late in 2008, it was then president bush at the now infamous shoe-throwing news conference that signed an agreement to remove all u.s. troops by the end of the year. >> in the aftermath of the muammar gaddafi death and arab spring, presence of american troops in any arab country is increasingly controversial. >> reporter: after colonel gaddafi's death thursday, the president could not resist the mention of killing usama bin laden and he did it again today, using bin laden to cast the iraqi pull-out of being
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part of broader victory for his administration. >> the end of war in iraq, like the larger transition. the tide of war is received. draw down in iraq allowed us to refocus the fight against al-qaeda and achieve major victories against the leadership. including bin laden. >> that bin laden reference was not an accident. when the president took office, there were 180,000 u.s. troops in iraq and afghanistan. by the end of the year the number will be cut in half. while jobs will be the number one issue next year, advisors say part of the president's case he wound down both wars and stayed on offense. >> ed henry reporting from the white house. thank you for that. now that the initial excitement warn off over the death of muammar gaddafi there are questions to be answered about how he died and who killed him. we have fox team coverage tonight. jennifer griffin reports on what we are not hearing from the obama administration. but we begin with david piper,
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live in tripoli. we want to warn you, some of the video in the reports is graphic. good evening, david. >> reporter: hi, chris. yes, gaddafi's body remains inmn misrata at the moment. they planned bury him secretly today but the criminal court asked for delaying the burial, so their investigation can examine the body. now, the lib ran authority have a difficult decision to make. they don't want gaddafi's burial place to become a shrine to his followers. opponents of his regime have been queuing up today in misrata to take picture of the former dictator's body currently being held in a supermarket freezer. people in the city are angry. there are now calls for an investigation in to how gaddafi died after revolutionary forces confirmed he was alive when they
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captured him but died by the time he had reached misrata by ambulance. celebrations continue here in tripoli, marking the end to oppressive era. some libyans said they would have preferred gaddafi to have been put on trial and answer for his crimes. today, in tripoli square, people came together to pray and rejoice. libya's new rulers will announce sunday the whole of the country has been liberated now that gaddafi's hometown of sirte has fallen. they also say they will announce a new government, chris, within the next few days. and hold elections in several months' time. back to you. >> david piper reporting live from tripoli. david; thank you. back here at home, we are not hearing much from the obama administration about gaddafi's death. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has that part of the story. >> the video footage from after muammar gaddafi was captured shows the libyan leader was still alive when
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the rebel forces dragged him from the drainpipe. he slowly wiped the blood from his eye and asked for mercy. not long afterwards his corpse shows sign he was shot through the head. bullet wound to the temple. this reaction to news of the death by secretary clinton. >> we came, we saw, he died. >> two days after she visited libya and became the first member of the administration to call for gaddafi to be killed. "we don't know where he is. but we hope he can be captured or killed soon." even though the u.n. mandate that authorized u.s. and nato intervention is clear that targeting individuals, including gaddafi was not authorized. unlike when saddam hussein was hanged following his trial and conviction and cell phone video of his execution was leaked from the prison. there has been little widespread criticism of the images coming from libya. and silence from the administration about the treatment of gaddafi after his capture. the state department called it a, "cathartic moment" for the
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libyan people but would not criticize what increasingly looks like an assassination. >> it goes without saying that there was a clear case of war of a fluid situation. we have have seen snippets of film but it does not provide a clear enough picture of what took place. >> no u.s. officials have seen gaddafi's body and white house officials said they were awaiting more information. >> the fact that i have concerns doesn't leave me to get out in front of the facts. >> even amnesty international says the u.s. and nato bear some responsibility to investigate what happened. after all, nato warplanes fired on gaddafi's convoy. allowing libyan forces to capture him, apparently alive. >> to the extent that the u.s. government or nato forces are involved in the specifics of the processes, they bear responsibility. >> today, nato went out of its way to say it did not know gaddafi was in the convoy when the warplanes bombed it name toe said the vehicles were carrying a substantial amount of weapons and ammunition, posing a significant threat to
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the local civilian population, chris? >> chris: jennifer, thank you. president obama's job approval rating from mid-july to mid-october, the 11th quarter of his presidency, fell to 41%. that is the lowest of his presidency. it's down from 47%, in the previous quarter. republican presidential candidate herman cain has been going the other way. topping some recent polls. a day that began with curiosity about his revived 9-9-9 plan turned into a political street fight over another hot button issue. steve washington correspondent james rosen tells what happened. >> god bless america and god bless you today. >> herman cain's prayers have been answered in the polls but heightened scrutiny has hit the g.o.p. front-runner like a thunderbolt from the heavens. >> if i were to add all the different responses together, herman cain is pro-choice. he is just now put himself on the side of planned parenthood. >> that pronouncement by one
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of iowa's most influential conservative talk radio host followed cain's comment after he suggested to pierce morgan the government should not prohibit rape and increst victims from receiving abortion. >> it ultimately gets down to a choice that that family or that mother has to make. not me, as president, not politician or bureaucrat. it gets down to the family. whatever they decide, they decide. >> today fox news more that mccalllum gave cain a chance to describe why his comments were not pro-choice. >> i don't believe abortion should be legal in the country. >> so you say if the circumstances come up and faye make that decision that it's the best thing for the young person or if that were the case, that's what they decided it would be illegal abortion they would need to seek? >> it would be illegal abortion. >> the idea it's the family's decision is fine. but not sure he goes far enough from my perspective,
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whether he wants to enforce the fact that this could be illegal. >> in detroit, cain rolled out the long-awaited proposal for opportunity zones in cities. the last missing piece of his signature 9-9-9 economic plan. except the plan now boasts for some citizens new exemptions and even a new name. >> if you add a local level your plan is not a 9-9-9. it's 9-0-9. say amen, y'all. >> amen. >> 9-0-9. >> i think herman cain has a problem in that he speak first and thinks later. >> if you are going to present a simple plan, it better be simple, it better be straightforward. >> now more than ever, cain has something to lose from the kind of criticism he now faces. for the first time, the real clear politics average of polls by reputable outlets from the "associated press" and nbc all taken in october shows herman cain as the g.o.p.'s national front runner. chris? >> this is only going to get more interesting, james. thank you. >> you bet. >> chris: unemployment rates
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fell in half the states last month. labor department says jobless numbers declined in 25 states. rose in 14. stayed the same in 11. majority leader eric cantor says the house will consider two jobs measures next week. this follows yesterday's senate rejection of one piece of the president's jobs bill. which is already been blocked as a full package. senate democrats could not get enough votes to break a g.o.p. phil buster of legislation, hiring of teachers and first responders. stocks finished the week on positive note. dow added 267. the s&p 500 gained 23. nasdaq closed 39 ahead. taking stock of what condoleezza rice calls an eerie fascination with her by muammar gaddafi. that's later on the grapevine. but first, is the home of jack daniels trying to bleed the whiskey maker dry? [ female announcer ] so you think your kids are getting enough vegetables? yeah, maybe not. v8 v-fusion juice gives them a full serving of vegetables
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>> chris: now, to a town about as different from washington, as you can get. for those of you who enjoy an occasional adult beverage, the mention of lynchburg, tennessee, immediately brings to mind the world's most popular whiskey. but senior national correspondent john roberts reports some in lynchburg now want jack daniels to pay a much higher bar tab. >> reporter: is it the epitome of the company town. lunchburg, tennessee, and jack daniels whiskey have been aged together for well over a century. but a new ballot initiative is threatening that relationship. >> we are entitled to more money from the only industry in the county. jack daniels distrillry. >> charles roger, a 75-year-old self-described concern citizen is leading the push for a $10 a barrel local tax on the famous tennessee whiskey. that would bring $4 million a year to county strapped for cash to build new schools, roads, bridges, even a new sewage plant.
3:16 pm
rogers calls it a fee for using lynchburg bucolic image to build jack daniels cache. >> they used the county and citizens to build up the good will value and the value of their product brand. >> jack daniels is the largest employer, providing a third of the tax base and 50% of the bot is already in some form of a tax. general manager tommy bean says enough is enough. >> we have been able to hire 25-30 people in the last four or five months. if our costs go up, iv million or $5 million, you know, that is probably going to make us less competitive. we might not grow as much. >> it brings in tourists. lots of them. quarter million every year. this weekend, it's a worldwide barbecue competition. that is the polish team there.
3:17 pm
local businesses love it. to rogers, it's annoying, just another reason jack daniels should pay up. >> we can't even move around there is no place to park. traffic is backed apozymase a mile or two up the road -- backed up a mile or two up the road. >> it located here because of the famous cave spring. perfect water for making whiskey. most folks say the distrillry would never leave no, matter how high the tax was. but lynchburg mayor sloan stewart isn't so sure. >> everybody says no, they won't. you can't say no, they won't there is a chance they could do something like that, pack up and move. >> tommy beam says a move to a more tax-friendly town wouldn't be his first choice. jack dams likes it here, even revels in the idea producing top shelf whiskey in a county that's been dry since before prohibition. but beam thinks the idea of taxing someone just because they're successful is fundamentally unfair. >> the other day, it's said a person used to look at a successful person and say what do i have to do to become like
3:18 pm
that? whereas now, they might look at him and say what can i do to get what they've got? >> reporter: you know there is support for the tax here in moore county. the county council voted 8-5 to ask the tennessee general assembly for enabling legislation to put it on the ballot. charles rogers hopes he can get it on before the primary coming up on march 6. i talked to business owners here to find out how they feel. some thought c'ya, jack daniels have deep pockets, they should pay up. others are wary of biteing the hand that feeds them. chris? >> chris: john roberts reporting from lynchburg, tennessee. yes, john, please send back samples. the obama administration is pushing back on criticism of $529 million federal loan guarantee to a company trying to develop an affordable battery operating car. the fisker car company is more than a year behind in production and outsourced manufacturerring to a company in finland. the energy department says no
3:19 pm
tax dollars have been spent on the finland operation. but an audit by the government accountability office says the department is not monitoring the loan closely enough to know what the company is doing. president obama today signed free trade agreements with south korea, colombia and panama there was no big ceremony. since almost three-fourths of how democrats voted against the deal. the president also signed legislation extending a job retraining program. favored by democrats. well, still ahead, ohio's challenge to president obama's healthcare law. and coming right up, hillary clinton with a frank assessment of on a troubled relationship. ♪ [ male announcer ] how could a luminous protein in jellyfish, impact life expectancy in the u.s., real estate in hong kong,
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>> chris: senate arms services committee carl levin today warned pakistan the u.s. will aggressively target extremists in that country if necessary. that message came as secretary of state clinton tried to get relations between the two nations back on track. senior white house correspondent -- senior affairs white house correspondent wendell goler is traveling with the secretary. >> a news conference with pakistani counterpartner, secretary of state hillary clinton acknowledged the poor state of relations between the two countries. >> it is no secret that the united states and pakistan do not always see eye to eye. and we will not resolve the differences in our cues in any single visit. >> the night before, four hours of talks between the high level officials failed to get pakistani to concede members of the government are providing assistance to the violent hakani network. >> there is no question of any support by any pakistani institution, or any
3:24 pm
institution to safe havens in pakistan. >> mrs. clinton warned the pakistanis are playing with fire. >> you have can't keep snakes in your backyard and expect them only to bite your neighbors. >> later with pakistani reporters, the secretary confirmed the u.s. held talks with hakani members. some members of congress pushing to declare organization a terrorist group. even before the may raid that killed usama bin laden, embarrassed the pakistanis, relations with the u.s. was cooling. the afghan peace negotiator by suicide bomber posing as pass envoy led hamid karzai to cut off talk with taliban and lay the blame on pakistan. >> this sunt mean that we have given up on the peace process. no. it means we are shifting the focus of the peace process, where we feel we have results. >> at a town hall meeting, pakistani woman accused the u.s. of being like a mother-in-law who was not satisfied with the new addition to the family.
3:25 pm
>> we are trying to please you. every time you come and vit us, you have a new idea so you know you tell us that you are not doing enough. >> on this trip, afghan seemed to be the favorite child and pakistanis the in-laws. >> now that i am a mother-in-law i understand what you are saying. i will hope to do better privately and publicly. >> after addressing yesterday's staffers, secretary clinton continued on to uzbekistan and two more countries on the afghan border be tu focus changes from terrorism to trade. fox news. >> chris: tune in to fox news sunday this weekend where my special guest will be secretary of state hillary clinton. well, the fight in the middle east is over religion and politics, the gun battles in mexico are over drugs and money. it's become so dangerous, even an afternoon of bingo can get you killed. correspondent steve harrigan has that story from motional mo,
3:26 pm
mexico. >> it's gun bat that is common in the city. but blaze that killed 52 civilians by cartel and investigation showing police complicity in the attack shocked the nation. 2-1/2 minutes was all it took to change mexico's war on drugs. and the life of samara perez forever. [speaking foreign language] >> translator: they said you are all dead. everyone started to run. we all began yelling. and went to look for my son, but i couldn't find him. >> eight cartel members doused the carpet and table of the casino royal in monterey with gasoline. now it shows one of those pouring a gas was policeman and the mayor's brother may have been involved. >> in every major city in mexico, you have a kind of symbiotic relationship between organized crime, often violence, the local police
3:27 pm
establishment and the local political establishment. >> in monterey, people are too scared to talk about the fire in front of their own face. but not samara perez. >> translator: i am not afraid. i lost my fear when i lost my son in that casino. i want mexico to change. >> she holds on to the ashes of her son. who would have turned 19 today. the murder of 52 civilians shows how the mexican drug cartels are expanding. beyond drugs to extortion. most of those killed were women, playing bingo. on a thursday afternoon. in monterey, mexico, steve harrigan, fox news. >> chris: the f.b.i. says the gang problem in the u.s. is growing. national study found there are almost 1.5 million members in some 33,000 gangs. growth is highest in the northeast and southeast. we'll tell you why the late steve jobs informed president obama he would be a
3:28 pm
one-term president. that's next on grapevine. condoleezza rice gripes about her not so secret admirer muammar gaddafi. ♪
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3:32 pm
copy of the book by author walter isaacson, which describes a meeting last fall. jobs told mr. obama, "you're headed for a one-term presidency. " insisting the administration needed to be more business friendly, despite what jobs did to create political ads for 2012 campaign. leave it to the "new york post" to have a unique take on muammar gaddafi's death. the front page headline today reads "gaddafi killed by yankee fan" with a picture of one of the rebels wearing a yankee cap. the sub headline. "gunman had more hits than arod," referring to third baseman alex rodriguez and his poor performance the playoffs this year. one sports blog wrote working in an arod joke at his expense, of course, to expense of autocratic ruler. we can't believe anything still makes us say this, but we didn't know you had it in you.
3:33 pm
post is owned by parent company of fax news. we told you when gaddafi's compound was raided this summer, rebels found photo album containing pictures of former secretary of state condoleezza rice. the daily beast obtained excerpt from her memoir where rice acknowledges gaddafi's, "slightly eerie fascination with her." she writes in a 2008 visit he presented her with a videotape containing photos of her and other world leaders, set to a song called "black flower in the white house." rice writes it was weird, but at least it wasn't ranchy. thank heavens. ohio figures to be a battleground state in next year's presidential race and already a battleground over president obama's healthcare law. correspondent doug mckelway report on what people there are doing about it. >> i hope we can count on your support. >> columbus young volunteers manning the phone bank this week, determined to reach a goal of million calls in support of ballot issue three. amendment to the state
3:34 pm
constitution that says no government shall compel directly or indirectly any person, employer or healthcare provider to participate in a healthcare system. >> at the state level, guarantees that ohio could never be a state like massachusetts or vermont, with a big strait-run healthcare system, with forced insurance mandate. >> some believe the ballot issue is symbolic and will carry little weight. >> if the supreme court rules in favor of the president's healthcare bill and says the individual mandate is constitutional, there is no state law that can supersede it. >> democrats are concerned with the amendment's wording. >> it's sloppily written and so ambiguously written it would threaten and maybe invalidate literally dozens of other already existing ohio law and regulation we use to keep our population healthy and safe. >> supporters admit that issue three is mostly symbolic but powerfully so. >> sometimes symbols matter. the problem with obamacare, you stick all the people on
3:35 pm
and have no way to pay for it. >> ohio is key to election of obama. and democrat senator brown who is up for re-election next year voted for affordable care act and ranked among the most liberalmembers. >> we are issuing a referendum on them and their policies. so, while this doesn't directly affect the election, there is a strong, stron statement to be made by ohioans that we don't like this kind of infringement to our personal rights. >> this referendum shines a light on how easy it is to amend the constitution of buckeye state. 384,000 signatures on a petition could issue three on the ballot and simple majority vote november 8 will make it part of the constitution in columbus, ohio, doug mckelway, fox news. >> chris: federal judge in phoenix dismissed the lawsuit by arizona republican governor jan brewer against the obama administration over the border policies. brewer was seeking a court order requiring the federal government to take extra steps
3:36 pm
to protect arizona until border with mexico was controlled. brewer called the decision frustrating but not surprising. president obama announces the u.s. war in iraq will end this year. we'll get reaction and analysis from our panel when we come right back. o. prego?! but i've been buying ragu for years. [ thinking ] i wonder what other questionable choices i've made? [ '80s dance music plays ] [ sighs ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego.
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side effects include nausea, dry mouth, and constipation. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor about cymbalta. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. go to to learn about a free trial offer. ♪ ♪ today, i can report as promised the rest of our troops in iraq will come home by the end of the year. after nearly nine years, america's war in iraq will be over. >> well, did i want come as a big surprise, but there was still considerable drama as president obama made it offici official. u.s. forces are getting out of iraq. bring in our panel. hayes of "the weekly standard." rick klein from abc news. and sind kateed columnist -- syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. steve, the president announced the total withdrawal today as if
3:40 pm
it were a victory but the fact is the u.s. commanders on the ground wanted 15 and 25,000 troops to serve as trainers and advisors for iraqis and maybe also to try to get the iranians to keep their hands off. so, how should we look at today's developments? >> this is a major set-back. it truly does jeopardize all of the gains that the united states has made in iraq over the past eight years. i think it's largely cedes the region to iran at a time that iran is emboldened because of the power it's showing in the region. the reach it has across the seas. i think overall it's a very, very bad outcome and disservice to our men and women in uniform and people sacrificed on diplomatic side for several years. >> chris: at some point don't iraqi have to stand up for themselves? >> yes, but we have to think of our interests.
3:41 pm
the reason the pentagon wanted a force of 20,000 or more is because they wanted to make this is a strategic relationship with iraq. which would have been important. same way we aintend to forces in korea, germany and japan 50 years ago to our advantage. and the reason the pentagon wanted that is because we left them with trainers, helping to train iraqis, they are also developing an air force, they have none. they receive american airplane. the respected peacekeeps between kurd and arab we would have had a presence and been able to help resist the iranian incursion. sint as if the deadline snuck up on the administration out of nowhere. it had three years to negotiate this. it failed at two junctures. it did not help put together coalition, government of allawi representing the sunnis, al-awlaki, the shiites, it would have been a grand coalition. all the major parties in the
3:42 pm
country want american, except sadr, the iranian agent, but he is a relatively small minority. and yet we failed with that large majority in parliament who wanted us to stay and work out an agreement. a monumental diplomatic failure. for the administration that had bashed previous administration for wielding a heavy military action, priding itself on being sophisticate and smart diplomacy. this is a big, big failure. >> chris: rick, look at it from the iraqi side. some people may have wanted us to say, but sadr, the radical shiite cleric didn't. and had a lot of sway and clout witnouri al-maliki, the prime minister. and malia insisted on what some called the poison bill that any u.s. troops that stayed would not be given legal immunity. >> that was critical here. otherwise we'd be talking about a different story today.
3:43 pm
look, the white house knew they would have to take the step because of that. as you said, not secure prize we were coming to this point for some time in terms of pulling off the band aid, the timing is interesting. the white house saw a window after the death of gaddafi, where they could capitalize on this and make it part of broader argument about the foreign policy successes to package it this way. this is a man who burst in politics as the anti-iraq war candidate. that is the reason he came to prominence in the first place. a neat bookend for his base to say i ended that war. >> chris: let's look at we can at the cost of the war. let's put up on the screen. these are some markers at the cost of the war. more than 32,000 injured. cost of the war to the u.s. $805 billion. that doesn't even begin to talk about the iraqi casualties, which by all estimates are over 100,000. which, of course, raises the central question, steve: was it worth it? >> yeah. i think it was absolutely worth
3:44 pm
doing it. the reason this is a bad decision is it jeopardizes what we have established there. the idea that the united states could have a strong partner in the region where there is a time of turmoil and expend our influence and project our power and values and be unapologetic about it, it would have been tremendously helpful for us to shape outcomes not only in iraq, not only with arab but potentially in afghanistan but across the region. seems like we ceded that. i agree with what rick said is good point. nobody should be surprised about this. president obama campaigned on this. he said he was going to do it. they tried at the end to keep 3,000 to 5,000 troops in, below what commanders wanted but what the president wanted in a sense he is fulfilling his campaign promise. it disagreed with him then and i disagree with him now. >> chris: charles, was it worth it? >> we will argue decades over that.
3:45 pm
in the same-se same way you canf ten times the number of americans who died in korea was worth it for half a peninsula that did not affect the outcome of the cold war? whether or not you thought at the beginning like obama we should haven't gone in or not, the fact is in 2011 the loss, blood and treasure was already spent. the question was given that it had all happened, would we garner the strategic advantage that all that sacrifice and the success of the surge has bequeathed us or squander it and give it away? obama gave it away. >> chris: there is obviously a political component to this, as well as a lot of other aspects, rick. how much will it help obama with the left, the argument, i kept my promise, i campaigned on this and i made it happen? >> that's right. he can check that box. and be pretty proud of the fact he fulfilled this promise. i think it was klit corral for him. he -- critical for him. he would have had a hard time explaining how the nobel peace
3:46 pm
prize winning president escalated in afghanistan and kept it going in iraq, started another one in libya. it was difficult narrative to get a handle on it. this givings them something of a success story for the base that was counting on this. >> chris: next up, friday lightning round, including herman cain and the world series. we'll get them both in.
3:47 pm
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♪ ♪ you happen to be below the poverty level, your plan isn't 9-9-9. it's 9-0-9. say amen, y'all. >> amen! >> chris: herman cain in detroit today announcing a change to his 9-9-9 plan. now, every week, viewers vote for your choice online in our friday lightning round poll. this week for some reason i don't understand, the world series won.
3:50 pm
you want to hear us talk about that? that won with 40% of the votes. we'll get to that. but first, we are going to talk about herman cain and the change in his plan and the lightning round. herman cain went to inner city detroit and announced 9-0-9, which means basically the poor, people below the poverty line will pay zero incomes tax. let me start with you, steve. does it solve the problem that herman cain was having that the 9-9-9 was raising taxes on low-income families or does it take away the special simplicity of 9-9-9? >> it does both. intellectually, it's necessary to do. someone enthusiastic about consumption tax, you to have a carve-out for people under the poverty line. whether you do it by exempting goods and shelter or do it the way that he has to do something like that. there is no question it erodes the appeal of the simple 9-9-9 plan, which was -- it was always more complicated than 9-9-9.
3:51 pm
because it was the first step to a second step. but this makes it more complicated. >> chris: rick, cain is also taking heat for comments he made last night about abortion. watch those. >> it ultimately gets down to a choice that that family or that mother has to make. not me, as president, not some politician or a bureaucrat. it gets down to family. whatever they decide, they decide. >> chris: now, afterwards, starting shortly thereafter and all day today, cain was talking that back saying he is 100% pr pro-life. if they make the choice to have an abortion that's breaking the law. do you square that in iowa with conservative voters? >> you don't and it does. this is problem for him to explain. this gets to a larger issue, and 49 of 49 of 49 gets it to -- 9-9-9 gets it to as well. this guy risen further than expected possible in the campaign and hasn't given deep thought evidently to how he is
3:52 pm
approaching some of the issues. he seems intent on making individual interviewer happy than he is in answering his policy believes on this. that, that he outlined there, despite what he says about 100% pro-life, that was a pro-choice position. >> chris: charles? >> i think that is understating it. i saw him ons toal on abortion, entirely incoherent. on one hand, people have choice. on the other hand life is sacred from the beginning. abortion ought to be illegal. this isn't a complicated issue. it's one or the other. i can't be both. stossel was simply stunned. if you combine it with the 9-9-9 stuff, it is not that he just hasn't thought it out. he is winging it. that is a problem. >> chris: all right, guys. lightning round. help me with this. >> quickly? >> chris: yeah. i should say charles, ask me does lightning, is that fast or is it slow? fast. on the day after the death of muammar gaddafi, some critics are complaining about the way he died and, you know, was it just
3:53 pm
a brutal execution? the administration would have objected. and the path to this. clinton's celebration of if it you will. watch that. >> we came, we saw, he died. >> chris: steve, do you have any problems with any of this? >> for an administration that came in preaching humility, that is not real live the right reaction. i don't have a problem with the way he died. everybody is better off that he is gone. i hope the administration will continue to try to shape the outcome in libya, which it seems like they are not going to do in iraq. >> chris: rick? >> i don't think that's the answer she would have given if she realized the cameras were rolling, a live interview. they know the white house knows a lot of americans don't care about the manner in which he died. this is a guy that embedded in national consciousness as bad guy for more than a generation. i think something unseemly about the way the video is out there. you can't way the white house for the way he died but you are right. some of the response at least are unsettling.
3:54 pm
>> chris: charles? >> i didn't see the response as unsettling. it was right on. this man, gaddafi, had a choice. he could have had due process. he could even have had a free pass, asylum in third country. he was offered all of that. he decided to fight and be killed, knowing as a result he probably meet the end the way he did. i wasn't around, but when mussolini was found upsidedown, i don't think anyone was upset. others were shot like a dog. he died the way he deserved to die. no sympathy. >> chris: and in the time we have left, which isn't a lot. the world series. yes. we are going to talk about the world series, because you asked us to. it's st. louis against texas. it's one game apiece. tied up. going to texas on fox. tomorrow night. 8:05 p.m your thoughts, steve? >> charles has been working hard to bring me back to baseball sention i quit in 1982 after the cardinals beat my milwaukee brewers in the world series.
3:55 pm
and he has been somewhat successful. i followed the brewers, i watched them lose to the cardinals. for that reason i am choosing the cardinals. >> chris: cardinals beat the brewers and you are choosing them. rick? >> texas rangers. the story is the rangers. josh hamilton and the storyline will come full circle for them finally rate they the sere cor team going into this. we love to overread the metaphors from sports in politics. time for a bit of a rick perry surge again. go texas. >> chris: charles? >> america's pastime. you're uninterested in this? >> chris: i didn't say i was uninterested. i said i don't think we have anything useful to tell the american people. >> has a whiff of the somewhat un-american. i will tell you that it will be texas in seven. karpinski will win one game in st. louis -- carpenter will win one game in st. louis and squeak out a sixth but die in the seventh. exciting. >> chris: for boston red sox fan, not so exciting. but we'll be eating fried
3:56 pm
chicken and drinking beer in the locker room. >> absolutely. >> chris: that's it for the panel. stay tuned for one more look at the life of muammar gaddafi unlike any other. i can irk 4g-- the next evolution in wireless technology.
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>> finally tonight, reporters have been looking back at the life of moammar gadhafi. his support for terrorism, his brutal hold on power for four decades. but our friends on late night remind us about something else. the man was a fashion plate. ♪ ♪ >> and that's special report for tonight. please join me for fox news sunday where our guest will be secretary of state hillary clinton, senator lindsey graham, and congresswoman


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